Developing the most persuasive promotional content

Industry: Live Radio Broadcast Media | Market: Canada

Background Challenge

A large broadcast radio station is facing intensifying competition as a result of the digital era. Not only are they competing with other radio stations in a major metropolitan area, they must also compete with digital providers for music (Spotify, Songza, etc.) and content (Sirius, podcasts, etc.).  On air contests and promotions serve as a point of differentiation to attract consumers to broadcast radio, but the client needed to understand what elements of a promotion are most attractive to its users.


Brainsights aired one hour of content, which included a variety of promotional content from both the client and its competitors, as each participant was connected to the Brainsights audience measurement platform, which tracks brain activity every 2 milliseconds.
Brainsights analyzed the results against its three key metrics of Attention, Connection and Encoding to identify precisely where and to what degree the target was subconsciously engaged. Which elements of a promotion are most important to the audience? Which narrative types are best suited to deliver key elements of the promotional message?

Findings and Results

By mining the brains of its target market, Brainsights provided the client with a clear understanding of which promotion types resonated best with it’s listeners, as well how best to deliver that message for maximum persuasive impact. As a result, the client was able to understand not only how best to improve it’s own content, but what competitive threats it faced from other radio stations.