Identifying the most persuasive talent for promotional material

Industry: Live Radio Broadcast Media | Market: Canada

Background Challenge

A large broadcast radio station has strategic partnerships with record labels to use the artists they play on promotional material.  However, the sheer number of choices for these artists serves to create a scenario of choice paralysis and the client needs to understand which talent to select for the greatest persuasive impact.


Brainsights screened randomized still images of the various artists the client was considering, with multiple images of each artist shown for a period of 4 seconds each.
Each participant was connected to the Brainsights audience measurement platform, which tracks brain activity every 2 milliseconds. 
Brainsights analyzed the results against its three key metrics of Attention, Connection and Encoding to identify precisely which artists/images provide maximum persuasive impact amongst its target.

Findings and Results

By mining the brains of its target market, Brainsights provided the client with insight into which artists/images best capture audience Attention, drive the deepest emotional Connection and are most likely to Encode to memory. The client was able to use these insights to create promotional material that maximized persuasive impact.