Weekly Brain Food – March 20, 2016

Weekly Brain Food – March 20, 2016

A selection of stories shaping our brains this week

Snapchat has a secret team possibly building a team of smart glasses

Ok, lots of speculation inherent in the headline, but the author makes some smart points with Snapchat’s recent hires and history of seemingly bizarre strategic moves. This move makes sense in my view, as it enhances the ability of users to leverage the Snapchat service, especially if they can make the video recording piece less creepy and more seamless than the Google Glass forbearers. Snapchat is fundamentally about sharing snippets of one’s life. Makes sense that they would literally enable users to share the world through their eyes, no?

Full story here


We’re not talking about what VR is doing to our eyes and brains

While most experts on the topic are not worried about negative health impacts of virtual environments, they are cautioning that extended use could have detrimental effects on eye muscles, the brain and perceptions of reality.

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Steven Spielberg, J.J. Abrams, Peter Jackson Backing Sean Parker’s Bold Home Movie Plan

Sean Parker of Napster and Facebook fame is back at it with a product that will bring new release movies directly and instantly into the home. It’s got the backing of some prominent directors like Brian Grazer and Ron Howard, but it remains to be seen whether the proposed $50 charge for in-home access per movie is palatable for consumers.

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IBM Quietly Built the World’s Largest Digital Agency – Here’s How it Got There

“The last best experience anyone has anywhere becomes the minimum expectation for the experience they want everywhere”

This is IBM’s mantra for customer experience, and it is backed and powered by what it claims is the only company in the world with end to end capabilities that cut across digital agency, management consultancy and systems integration. The company, iX, is challenging both traditional ad agencies who ‘bolt on digital’ and management consultancies that without the digital history of IBM. It’s a compelling proposition with the cases and clients to match.

Full story here


#BringBackTheBees is an important appeal that deserves your support


Our team was particularly intrigued with the work coming from the folks in Cossette Toronto and General Mills Canada, who together launched a search for missing bees. Using the famous Honey Nut Cheerios Bee, #BringBackTheBees is an emotional appeal to bring much-needed attention to the dire state of the world’s bee population. It’s on the verge of complete collapse, and such is the importance of bees, should this dire course continue, humanity would be faced with considerable problems in its food chains and ecosystems. Have a look at their launch spot here, and learn more about the cause and how you can get involved here

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