Delivering Branded Content success

Industry: Beer | Market: Canada

Background Challenge

With an increasingly fragmented media landscape, and a multitude of content viewing options available to consumers, brands are turning to branded content to connect with audiences. But ever deeper integration with publishers raises questions of its own, specifically around the right balance of commercial and entertainment so as to ensure the tactics are working for brands without alienating publisher audiences with too much commercial branding. But how can this balance be struck to make it work for both parties?


Brainsights’ audience brain measurement platform was deployed for consumers matching the target specified by the client, each of whom watched 30 minutes of publisher and commercial content. This included publisher content that featured our client’s brand placements of various prominence.
Brainsights segmented the audience into various levels of value based on a questionnaire and mined their brain data to understand:


  • How does branded content perform compared to traditional advertising?
  • how does the audience non-consciously respond to moments featuring brand elements within the context of broader publisher content?
  • What can be done to improve the impact of branded content for advertisers without diminishing the quality of the content for publishers?

Findings and Results

Through a frame-by-frame analysis of the content synced to audience brain data, Brainsights identified the best performing branded content segments – those that captured the most audience attention, drove the greatest audience emotional connection, and achieved the highest encoding to memory. These insights meant that Brainsights’ client knew precisely how to evolve its branded content series to maximize its impact whilst ensuring its publishing partners could maintain the integrity of their content. The insights helped our client make better advertising decisions that grew market share for our client by 4% Y-O-Y in the period they were activated.