Improving talent performance for live TV broadcaster

Industry: Live Broadcast Media | Market: Canada

Background Challenge

In an intensely competitive media landscape, where consumer attention is fragmented, maximizing the return on content assets is essential for media companies. Part of that task is understanding what on-air talent produces the stickiest segments, and how best to address any weaknesses and shortcomings of talent in order to gain audience attention share.


Brainsights recruited more than 150 Canadians to watch more than 18 hours of live broadcast content over a several-week period whilst they each wore eeg, which recorded their brain activity every two milliseconds.
We asked viewers a range of content-related questions and segmented the audience based on their stated consumption patterns. In addition, viewers completed implicit association testing that evaluated the associations viewers had developed of specific broadcast talent, around key characteristics like likability, personality, authority, credibility and other values.
We mined the brain data against the content consumed to identify key areas where broadcast talent drove stickiness – measured by the attention, emotional connection and encoding to memory of Brainsights’ proprietary brain measurement platform – and tune out

Findings and Results

Brainsights identified several critical gaps in broadcast talent through its association testing, including in host credibility and authority. Brain data mining revealed opportunities to address these key gaps, through both short-term audience brain hacks to paper over host shortcomings, and long-term credibility and authority-boosting content development, ensuring our client’s continued success in driving sticky content through maximizing broadcast talent performance.