Maximizing the stickiness of live sports broadcast content

Industry: Live Sports Broadcast Media | Market: Canada

Background Challenge

The rising cost of sports content broadcast rights demands that rights owners find every way possible to drive audience growth and loyalty, in order to maximize the return on these costly assets. Among the challenges our client posed to us:


  • What segments/features drive greatest engagement, and where do audiences tune out?
  • How can we drive post-game tune-in to maximize the potential for viewing carryover into subsequent programming?
  • How can we best leverage technology on set and in-game?


Brainsights deployed its proprietary brain measurement platform on more than 150 Canadians as they viewed more than 20 hours of live sports content
We tagged the live broadcasts by segment and other meta data (like for example, camera angles, set technology, location of interviews, content of interviews, etc) in order to determine the neural response to these various
We also segmented the viewers based on a fan/profile questionnaire to understand what engaged priority audiences

Findings and Results

Our work revealed clear and actionable findings for the production team to maximize broadcast stickiness, including:


  • Briefing notes for interviewers – what they should focus on to drive audience engagement
  • Post-game production notes to drive sustained audience engagement and ratings in subsequent programming
  • Best practices in technology usage and camera angles, including by key audience segment
  • Production notes for what content segments to emphasize and which to de-emphasize according to their ability to sustain attention and drive emotional connection