Maximizing the value of live sports broadcast media properties

Industry: Live Broadcast Media | Market: Canada

Background Challenge

An intensely competitive and fragmented media landscape demands that media companies understand not only how many eyeballs their media reaches, but how that media and content connects with viewers. This is especially important with live sports, which is increasingly costly. What additional value do live sports provide to commercial partners, and how might This translate into revaluing media properties to maximize the return on these assets?


By recording and analyzing the brain activity of more than 150 canadians as they watched more than 20 hours of live sports broadcasts, Brainsights could observe the impact of a number of variables on driving subconscious persuasion, including various placement of ads within the sports broadcas t, and the themes, tones and ad types driving performance

Findings and Results

Brainsights revealed considerable differences in the performance of spots based on their placement (in-game versus between-game segments), as well as position in pod, to the tune of 20-25% differences in persuasive power. Specific placements around iconic audio cues were more powerful still, providing our client with the data required to demonstrate the value of their sports assets to commercial partners