Maximizing the value of TV Broadcaster’s content portfolio

Industry: Scripted Broadcast Media | Market: USA

Background Challenge

Traditional TV Broadcasters continue to lose ground to digital media companies, as media investments follow both time spent, reach and richer audience insights data from digital media. To combat this, a large US Broadcaster engaged Brainsights to help it to understand the value of its content assets in driving actual Audience attention, and how these in turn impact the performance of the commercial content placed within it


Brainsights deployed its proprietary brain measurement platform on more than 280 American adults in two markets, Chicago and Atlanta. Each adult watched two hours of TV, a mix of programming genres and lengths, with twelve shows in total analyzed, and dozens of ads within those shows.
By capturing second-by-second brain activity, brainsights could drill down to reveal the impact that ads had on the audience, and compare performance of specific spots by genre placement, whilst controlling for both the spot itself and the audience make up.

Findings and Results

Our work revealed that environment and genre play a significant role in the persuasive power of spots, with individual ads showing performance differences of 15-40% based on the context within which they were viewed. In other words, context has a brain hacking effect that, if known, can ad quantifiable impact to the performance of advertising messaging