Optimizing return on media investments

Industry: Sports Apparel | Market: Canada

Background Challenge

Traditional media metrics of gRPs and reach are no longer sufficient in helping advertisers to optimize their media investments. Even Marketing mix modelling fails to account for the quality of the environment within which ads are placed, or the quality of the creative message in driving consumer behaviour. A sports apparel brand engaged Brainsights to help understand how best to allocate media investments for maximum return.


Brainsights recruited more than 300 Canadians to watch 60 minutes of content each whilst wearing EEG that measured each person’s brain activity, synced to the millisecond to the content screened. thirteen different sessions were hosted, with approximately 25 people/session.
Ads were placed in different content environments – sports, comedy, drama, etc. – in each session to test for the effect of environment on effectiveness.
Ad scores were aggregated across all sessions to investigate overall creative effectiveness, and analyzed by session to test for effectiveness by environment.

Findings and Results

The impact of environment on ad effectiveness simply cannot be underestimated. The persuasive power of each ad varied significantly by environment – from 50 percent to 480%. In other words, an ad’s effectiveness is significantly influenced by the context within which that is consumed, and knowing the brain-hacking impact of media placements can help advertisers to maximize the persuasiveness of their communication and return on media investments.