Weekly Brain Food – May 29, 2016

Weekly Brain Food – May 29, 2016

A selection of stories shaping our brains this week

Wish You Were Here: Royal Mail Stamps Honour 50 Years of Pink Floyd

For vinyl junkies, few record album covers are as iconic and recognizable as Dark Side of the Moon. Light passes through a prism refracting into waves manifesting in a rainbow of colours on the other side. Is it a comment on distortion of thought, or clarity? Or something altogether different?

Such debates will rise again, as the Royal Mail releases a new stamp collection to commemorate one of the most influential music groups of all time. So the next time you post a letter to a loved one, the stamp of a man shaking the hand of a man on fire will convey your sentiment instantly: Wish you were here. 

Full story here


These Vintage Ads Will Make You Nostalgic For The 90s


Jason Priestley in a beret for Pepe Jeans. Can you get anymore 90s than that?

Jason Priestley in a beret. Can you get anymore 90s than that?


A Spike Lee/Nike mash-up. Jason Priestley in a beret for Pepe Jeans. The classic Dog+Gramophone imagery for HMV. These are just a few of the sexy/raunchy/cheesy/nostalgic ad goodness to be found at @adarchives, an Instagram account of vintage print ads run by London-based graphic designer Halima Olalemi. She’s combined her habit of hoarding with her love of design, fashion and advertising into a beautiful, curated collection of ads from 90s magazines and newspapers she’s stashed away in her personal collection, or found through contacts and colleagues.

And she oozes enthusiasm and charm: “It’s like opening a time capsule. I geek out and go hunting for who may have made it, how it was received when it came out, if it’s part of a series. I love finding the ones that have a narrative, as it brings the campaign together.”

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We The North According to Neuroscience – More than Three Words and More than Basketball

We The North was a rallying cry that galvanized the city of Toronto to back their NBA basketball team, the Raptors. But the movement took on a life of its own, and empowered a city to find its voice on the international stage, and embrace its multicultural, outsider identity. That’s what Brainsights contends. And we’d love to know what you think.

Full story here


Building a Visual Language

AirBnB is a powerhouse in visual design for digital products. The consistency of experience across screens and the variety of behaviours and activities contained within the platform make its leadership all the more impressive, but also understandable: they’ve thought long and hard about it. And they’re sharing what they’ve learned.

Fundamental to their process is the development of a Design Language System, which is a vocabulary of design components within the AirBnB universe that allows for improved and scaled shared understanding. Starting from the principles of ‘Unified’, ‘Universal’, ‘Iconic’ and ‘Conversational’, the team developed a library from which each stakeholder engaged in AirBnB design could draw.

They explain their process in developing the DLS here


Image cred: Royal Mail

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